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Master Key System Week 3


An interesting week…Like a muscle, the mind grows with resistance this week I challenged my mind with new beliefs I discovered that it is not that much different to planning a visit to the gym to go workout even though you know you need to go there is that moment of hesitation…then before you know it you’ve talked yourself out of it.  I’ve felt that way this week as I begin to adopt new beliefs about what is possible I have experienced resistant thoughts such as…Ok, that might work for others but will it work for me?  How badly do I want it?  All in all, I’m basically a happy person so do I really want to stretch and grow right now maybe it’s in the timing….New years would be a better time for me.  All of these thoughts have tried to get me off my course and daily life has also thrown in some additional distractions.  The more I try to adopt these new thoughts and ideas the more I feel a resistance to stay the same.  My ultimate take away this week has been “That for things to change for me….I must change”  no person or circumstance is responsible for my life and my decisions but me.  This is a hard one for me to accept I realize now that  I want nearly everything in my life to change and I want others to make the changes happen for me.  Now that I finally understand that for things to change for me I need to change….my life will never be the same again:) so now when resistant thoughts appear in my mind I repeat often “For things to change for me I must change”….Until next time…Mo

Master Key System Week 2

I think my biggest takeaway this week has been “Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power Before beginning this Master Key Course I thought I was pretty good with focussing my thoughts and staying positive and believing.  I realize now that there is a huge difference between positives thoughts and thoughts concentrated on a definite purpose.  It is indeed powerful, I have felt the difference this week as I have got definite about my purpose and what I really want and affirming it to myself multiple times a day.  I have felt feelings, promptings, impressions, and inspiration as never before and because of my commitment to acting quickly and decisively whenever I am prompted to do so, I have seen greater results from my actions.  There is an unseen power that is working within me in such a way compelling me to act and when I do there is a peace and calmness and surety that my definite purpose will become a reality…in fact, there is no way it cannot.  This internal power is working for me 24 hours a day even when I am sleeping and when I awake  I am driven by a force greater than myself to get things done…It’s liberating and calming knowing I am not alone in my quest to become the very best version of myself and in the process help others to do the same.20160510_063942

The Master Key System Week 1

Abundance Is A Choice

Today I choose to see life as it can be not as it is….Living with Abundance Is Our Choice.

I have often picked up and enjoyed reading The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel.  It’s teachings resonated with me but I had never really felt inclined to study and put it’s teachings to the test with a practical experiment as outlined in the book  After all I was busy homeschooling 4 children and didn’t feel I had the time necessary to complete the course.

This week I decided that I owed it to myself to make the time that I was worth the personal investment in myself and that for me to grow my business I must first grow myself.

I understand emotionally and intellectual that thoughts become things very powerful things when mixed with a definite of purpose, organized planning, persistence and a burning desire.  So with that as my foundation I set out on a personal experiment of The Master Key System.

My biggest take away this week is that all experiences in life are the result of our habitual or predominant mental attitude.  The reason some get more and others less is not because of greed or good luck, but because some have an attitude of lack and others an attitude of abundance.  Living with Abundance is our choice.  Everything we have in life is a result of our predominant thoughts and the secret of all power, all achievement, and all possession depends upon our method of thinking.

So this week I have completed all the assignments and began the process of teaching my body to be still…which for me has been the hardest but I can honestly say I feel a sense of freedom and peace…freedom from thoughts of fear doubt and worry and I’m excited to see what next week will bring….Until next time….Mo